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Roger Lee

After studying Zoology at Exeter University, Roger undertook postgraduate studies at Glasgow University and the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. He then spent six happy years in Malawi, where he established the country's first Forest Entomology research unit. On returning to the UK, Roger started painting wildlife in watercolour, met and married his wife Lomond and held his first one-man exhibition.

Roger and Lomond then settled in Scotland, where he continued to paint whilst working at the Scottish Wildlife Trust as the North Regional Officer. After five happy years, now busy with a young family living on the Black Isle, Roger decided to pursue his talent and passion as a full-time wildlife and landscape painter. In 1981, Roger and his family moved south and settled in Calvine, Perthshire.

Sadly, Roger lost his battle with cancer in September 2015, survived by his children and wife.  Even right to the very end, Roger was planning his next painting. Although it will sadly not be completed, he has left a precious legacy which demonstrates his great love of wildlife and of painting. 

Roger Lee Art continues to live on through Lomond and the family, ensuring everyone anywhere in the world can continue to enjoy and celebrate Roger's fine talent and love of wildlife.