Stag Bellowing (W)

Roger Lee Art


A Red Deer Stag bellowing in away to proudly declare it's presence. Bellowing is done at the beginning of the rutting season in which large males compete to mate with the females. The competition starts as a bellowing match and if the dominant male does not roar as loud as other males, horns are locked in what can sometimes be mortal combat.

  • Each card individually wrapped in a clear cellophane bag ready for sale
  • Made in UK
  • Made from high quality 280gsm lightly textured card
  • Made from sustainable sources comes with F.S.C approval
  • Blank on the inside suitable for all occasions
  • All cards remain the property of Roger Lee Art until paid in full
  • Price excludes V.A.T
  • All orders are firm sale
  • R.R.P of single card is £2.99
  • Blank (no message inside)
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • PLEASE NOTE : 1 unit is 6 individually wrapped cards for £7.80
  • Minimum of 6 cards per design and minimum order of 48 cards


Type: Wholesale Greetings Cards